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Feminism had a noble cause for equality until it became a hate movement .

People have been accusing feminism of being a hate movement since women started trying to get the right to vote. 




YUP! Remember this when people say feminism has gone too far! Because treating women as full human beings has always been seen as “going too far”.

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Prada Spring Summer 2015
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paris hilton confirmed for nihilist communist
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Opening Ceremony FW14 Mens Collection photographed by HART+LËSHKINA
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Leave It Open by Kate Bush
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you know you (and your waistline) are fucked when you’re on the SWOTVAC diet already in week 7 of semester

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Danielle Hayes @ One Management
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Noot Seear, Marianne Schroder, and Sunniva Stordahl by Michel Comte