every day and every night.
hello darkness
hello sunshine

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You like putting pineapple on your pizza I hope you enjoy putting pineapples on your childrens graves because you’re WEAK your bloodline is WEAK and you will not survive the winter

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i hate going through the fallout tag and finding these loser neckbeards who mod their games so all their women characters either have absolutely obscenely huge breasts, or so that their female characters when not assigned apparel also have the default underwear and singlet removed as well. gooooo fuck yourselves you pathetic losers.

10,590 notes "I always give books. And I always ask for books. I think you should reward people sexually for getting you books. Don’t send a thank-you note, repay them with sexual activity. If the book is rare or by your favorite author or one you didn’t know about, reward them with the most perverted sex act you can think of. Otherwise, you can just make out." — John Waters on gift-giving. (via unicornology)

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a poem about summer in australia



no shirt no shoes still service

the road is melted to my feet

fucking bugs are fucking everywhere

where’s the fucking mortein

my fuckin paddlepop melted onto the sand

40 degrees in the bloody shade 

theres a fucking brown snake in the pool

time to get wasted

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Death Grips (Next Grips) by Death Grips
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Her Reflection: Actress Lupita Nyong’o

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not only is ayn rand’s philosophy fucking stupid and callous, her writing is absolutely awful.